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How to Find a Naturally Cool Place to Live in Metro Manila

Heat and humidity are synonymous with the Philippines, especially with the highly urbanized and densely populated cities of Metro Manila. The usual notion is that it’s impossible to find a naturally cool place in the desert-like region, but this is a myth. With thoughtful architectural details, Rockwell Leasing and Secondary Sales noted that some properties are less […]

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The Essential Guide to Assessing Your Readiness to Become a Franchisor

Business franchising provides great opportunities for expansion. However, despite the many advantages, franchising opens up your business and your brand to new problems. When you ask yourself, “Is my business ready to franchise?” there are some other things to think about. Becoming a franchisor Once you are convinced that the company you have built is […]

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Photography Tips for Food Business Owners

Marketing a food business is challenging but very exciting. With the advent of social media, the results of marketing campaigns are almost instantly apparent with the level of engagement that your content creates. An integral component of food marketing is photography. Here are three tips for food business owners: It’s More than the Food A […]

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Marketing for Small Businesses: Using Branded Merchandise

The use of promotional products is an excellent marketing strategy for small businesses. They are low-cost and enhance market reach. Some of the commonly used promotional products are items used on a daily basis like pens, notepads, calendars, etc. Here are ways you can effectively use branded merchandise for your business. Issue Promotional Items at […]

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Why Fitness Centers are Growing More Popular

Fitness centers keep popping up at every street corner or corporate building. According to the latest statistics, gym membership has increased over the last decade. Additionally, aspiring entrepreneurs see the fitness business as a good way to get their foot in the door. What’s driving the popularity of fitness centers? More importantly, how can you capitalize on […]

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How to Make Email Marketing Really Work for You

As small businesses look for new customers to increase sales, some might be enticed to buy or rent a list of email addresses. While email marketing could be appealing for its reach, immediacy and affordability, sending emails to individuals who didn’t really ask to receive these messages would only make you look like a spammer. […]