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Marketing for Small Businesses: Using Branded Merchandise

The use of promotional products is an excellent marketing strategy for small businesses. They are low-cost and enhance market reach. Some of the commonly used promotional products are items used on a daily basis like pens, notepads, calendars, etc. Here are ways you can effectively use branded merchandise for your business. Issue Promotional Items at […]

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Why Fitness Centers are Growing More Popular

Fitness centers keep popping up at every street corner or corporate building. According to the latest statistics, gym membership has increased over the last decade. Additionally, aspiring entrepreneurs see the fitness business as a good way to get their foot in the door. What’s driving the popularity of fitness centers? More importantly, how can you capitalize on […]

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How to Make Email Marketing Really Work for You

As small businesses look for new customers to increase sales, some might be enticed to buy or rent a list of email addresses. While email marketing could be appealing for its reach, immediacy and affordability, sending emails to individuals who didn’t really ask to receive these messages would only make you look like a spammer. […]

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Benefits Of Renting Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment rentals are great alternative solutions to get the right equipment that you need without purchasing it. However, renting heavy equipment is different from renting a vehicle. You need to know what to look for in a great rental business such as RediPlant and when renting equipment makes sense. But before you do, you […]

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3 Practical Ways of Reducing Accidents in the Workplace

Every manager aims at keeping their employees safe. However, some of them are reluctant to take the necessary measures to ensure their safety. The apparent reason may be that some precautions may be expensive, hence affecting the company’s profit margins. That is unethical. Below are some of the things that managers should consider to ensure […]

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Most Common Challenges When it Comes to Logistics Management

Logistics now play an essential role in the global economics to ensure the success of most business operations. Industry experts from SCL Search Consultants Ltd. believe in providing value and an expert point of view when it comes to supply-chain and logistics. But changes in consumer demands and complex business models can pose a few challenges when it […]