Privacy Policy strives to create an online haven where the topics we share are up-to-date, accurate and beneficial to our readers. This site is part of our commitment to share relevant information that readers can trust, understand and value.

To build that trust with our readers, we’re letting you know how we use the information that we gather on our site. Please take time to read and understand this Privacy Policy to avoid confusion in the future.

What happens to my personal information?

Our company asks for information as far as our topics are concerned. We only use personal information if readers provide them voluntarily, especially when they want to subscribe to our newsletters or ask questions. Readers may submit their e-mail addresses to give feedback or ask questions. We do not share private information to other parties.

Does your website track my browsing activities?

Our company values your private information in the same way that we value ours. To maintain the safety and privacy of our readers, we do not use web cookies to track your activity.

Why does your site use links to third party sites?

We often include links to other sites for additional reference and accuracy in our pages. Please keep in mind that these links have their own privacy policies. The company does not assume responsibility on how they make use of personal information. You can browse the policies of those links for your reference.

What if the company makes changes to this policy?

Our company has the right to make updates on this policy anytime, without prior notice. We suggest that you visit our website regularly or subscribe to our newsletters if you want to be notified of the changes. You can also contact us if you have more questions on this policy.