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Australia’s Employment Reaches Record-High in December

Australia’s job growth rose in December 2017 for the 15th month in a row, after employers added 17,000 full-time workers and 8,000 part-time employees, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). In the last 12 months, the country added 400,000 new jobs, including around 322,000 full-time workers, said ABS chief economist Bruce Hockman. The continual […]

Website’s Terrible Conversion Rates

High Traffic, Low Conversion: What’s Wrong with Your Website?

It takes an excellent website to stand out from the crowd, and you understand this completely. This is why you invested in professional web design services, optimised for search engines, and perhaps even started a PPC campaign or two. These efforts have paid off, and you are now seeing a steady amount of traffic… the […]

Property Investment

3 Reasons to Invest in Australia’s Strong Property Market

Australia’s real property market shows no signs of slowing down. Despite comments from analysts saying the property boom is making it hard for people to make purchases for the same, recent trends in statistics from previous years show Australia is still a hotspot for property investing, both local and foreign. Foreign investment in residential properties […]