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3 Ways Independent Insurance Agents Can Attain Success

Independent insurance agents bridge the gap between potential clients and insurance companies. Usually, they are not committed to any company and are willing to market insurance packages from various companies. That is where they differ from insurance brokers who are often considered representatives of a specific insurance company. Proper marketing The success of insurance agents […]

Do I Need to Pay Taxes on My Retirement Income?

Although you might want to simply relax, sit back, and enjoy your retirement, unfortunately, you cannot escape your tax duties just yet. While most retirees don’t receive the same types of income, you’d still need to pay income taxes. Below are some income sources that are taxable. Retirement Accounts with Taxable Income Withdrawals made from […]

Proving Your Creditworthiness When Applying for a Mortgage

To become eligible for a mortgage loan, you must prove beyond that you’re a creditworthy borrower. In this case, you need to raise a substantial amount for the home deposit and have a good credit score. Closing the deal on your dream house is a satisfying experience. You will join the 62.7 percent of Americans who own the […]

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Making That New Year’s Resolution to Save Money Happen

Does your list of new year’s resolutions include being financially independent? Join the huge number of people who dream about being debt free and living a comfortable life. Not all of them make it through the year without giving up on this dream, however. If you want to have a better chance at succeeding, here’s […]

3 Secrets to a Successful Car Purchase Despite Bad Credit

Buying a car is already a tricky business on its own; not to mention financing. Many buyers, especially beginners, can easily get entangled in the different intricacies of dealings even if their papers are orderly. What if the buyer has poor credit yet is still in need of a vehicle? Job loss, youthful transgressions, and […]

Your Business Finances: Common Red Flags to be Aware of

Accountants and financial analysts are highly skilled at identifying disturbing trends even after a quick look at a company’s financial statements. While it’s a given that they’re specialists and you’re probably not, you could do the same if you’re aware of the warning signs. Here are some of those red flags. Increasing Receivables A high […]

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