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The Surprising Health Benefits of Pizza

Pizza remains popular, and for good reason. It’s filling, packed with flavor and utterly appetizing. People on the go, those who like having meals or snacks delivered, or those who hang around after a movie or sports event make pizza a part of their routine. So if you’re planning to put up a franchise business, a […]

3 Tips on Keeping Your Eyesight in Great Condition

Taking care of your eyes doesn’t begin and end with using eye-drops when they’re irritated. It’s crucial to take good care of them especially if the working environment can cause havoc to your eyesight. For instance, it’s always good to take a “visual break” from looking at a computer screen every 20 minutes to prevent […]

Excessive Moisture in Buildings and its Health Implications

It is important for people to be exposed to a certain level of moisture in the air. However, when a building’s indoor air has too much moisture, it may result in the development of health and safety threats. For instance, excessive dampness often leads to mould growth, which then results to potential health concerns, especially […]

Calling in Sick: What’s Behind Your Employees’ Frequent Absence?

As an employer, you must be ready to receive a message from one or a couple of employees on some days, informing you of their reason for not coming in for work. This is part of running a business, and most employees who call in sick are usually back the next day or after a […]

3 Healthy Reasons You Should Try Mexican Food

The 14th largest country in the world, Mexico, is home to a mix of several ethnic groups. The majority of the people who live in Mexico speak Spanish, but a percentage of the population have their regional languages. The culture is popular for religious values and the church, and there is a strong sense of family. […]