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Essential Website Design Elements that Increase Hotel Bookings

Hotel websites are one of the most visited online. Thousands of people travel every day in different parts of the world, and they need immediate hotel accommodation. A convenient way to book a room or arrange for transportation is through good websites that provide quick and easy transactions. Such is the reason an effective web […]

Letting Services in Glasgow

3 Boons for Staying in a Short Let for Your Glasgow Trip

People visit Glasgow for various reasons. Some visit for business, while others are just there to experience the rich culture of this famed Scottish port city. Whatever brings you to this world-renowned city, you should always put a lot of thought on accommodation. Many would easily look up hotels and book a room, but this […]


Has the Rise of the Sharing Economy Killed the Hotel Industry?

Ride sharing apps like Uber have made waves in the transportation industry by providing regular commuters with more viable options. In the same manner, alternative lodging and the “sharing economy”, facilitated by companies such as Airbnb, were thought to be the killers of the hospitality industry. Why? Here’s what billionaire real estate investor, Thomas, Barrack […]