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Why Investing a Property in Quezon City is a Wise Move

Quezon City is one of the biggest cities in Metro Manila. It’s home to various public institutions and private establishments. Therefore, it’s no surprise how over the years, more condominiums are popping out to accommodate the influx of people wanting to move in. But, is investing on a property for sale Quezon City has to offer a […]

Filipino engineer working abroad

Why You Should Start Selling Real Estate to OFWs

Labor is one of the Philippines’ biggest exports. According to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), there are between 9.5 and 12.5 overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) around the world. These workers are responsible for delivering annual remittances that reached $21 billion back in 2012, which was 9% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). This value shows […]

Franchising: Tips Before Stepping into the Game

Most people dream of having their own business and being their own boss. However, not everyone has the resources to build their own empire from scratch. However, this does not mean you should scratch off your dream of running a business as well. Owning a franchise is one way of making your dreams come true, […]


How to Succeed in Property Investment

You probably dream of making investments that will solve all your financial woes. Though property investment offers many opportunities for huge returns, it’s also risky. One mistake and your hard-earned money vanish. It does not mean you should not invest: you can succeed in property investment. You can even make it big with the right […]