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Take Your Local SEO to the Next Level Through Social Media

SEO is undoubtedly among the most crucial things for Internet marketers. Although there are many avenues you could take to boost brand awareness, one of the most economical and easiest is through social media, which is especially critical for local SEO efforts. Ensure You Have Relevant and Dynamic Content Your online presence won’t do much […]

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How Small Businesses Benefit from Local SEO

Today, people use their mobile phones to search for relevant information within their locale. And more and more people are using geographic keywords. Small businesses should take advantage of this to win the race against local competitors. Local search engine optimisation is a tough marketing strategy to master, but it comes with many long-term rewards. […]

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Does Google Hates Your Website? Here’s Why Your Search Rankings are Dropping

Search engine optimisation is becoming increasingly popular. And with the expected changes in 2016, website owners cannot afford to continue using outdated SEO tactics. Unlike the past where SEO was associated with how many links you had, today’s SEO is closely aligned with content value and the overall user experience. Sites that fail to keep […]