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There’s More to the Success of a Restaurant than Great Food

As someone who has a great passion for food, opening your very own restaurant most likely tops your list of entrepreneurial bucket list. You may have even started dreaming of and envisioning the design of your establishment, the food and drinks to serve, and most especially, the layout of your kitchen. Having a restaurant under […]

Restaurant Etiquette Nobody Tells You Anymore (But Everyone Expects You to Have)

Planning an exceptional and grandiose night of eating and good conversation? Why not indulge in a little talk and dine in one of the city’s most renowned noodle restaurants? If that idea sounds new and intriguing, here are some first-timer tips to make a good impression. Dressing Up – In Lorne Victoria, many Asian restaurants still have […]


Becoming a Restaurateur: How You Can Succeed in the Industry

Those dreaming to become an entrepreneur have a lot of ideas for starting a business. One of the most common choices is to build their own restaurant. There are many steps involved, so if you need help, here’s a guide on how you could start out: Come Up With a Business Plan In every endeavour, […]