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Boosting Traffic to Your Website by Optimizing Images

Web spiders can only crawl text, so what will happen if your site mostly has images? You make them crawlable. Why optimize? Images play a significant role in web design as far as aesthetic is concerned. It provides instant visual appeal to website visitors after all. As for SEO, image optimization can help boost your site’s traffic. […]

Establish a Credible & Profitable Online Presence for Your Business with 3 Secrets

In a highly competitive online marketplace, it takes a considerable amount of effort to stand out from the crowd and grow your market share. Despite a higher number of businesses going online, you can still experience exponential growth. It only takes an excellent online strategy to reach out to a greater number of prospective clients. […]

Designing a Single Page Website

Single Page Sites and SEO: Do They Go Hand in Hand?

Single-page websites are now more popular than ever. Instead of pouring all resources in elaborate multi-page sites to properly represent their brand, more businesses now invest in these simple sites. It’s a good thing for online users and customers, too; no more clicking here and there to get what they want. But Will the Design […]

Creating Engaging Copy: Three Tips to Improve Your Content

Knowing how to create a good copy is a requisite for any self-respecting marketing agency. Someone who truly understands this craft understands how powerful words can be; they can make or break a product or a business. In today’s digital age, though, another aspect is often required of copywriters — SEO knowledge. Now, it’s not […]

Win in the Marketplace with These Brand Positioning Ideas

Many Melbourne ad agencies agree that brand positioning gets your products and services thought about, discussed, remembered and accepted. This approach focuses on creating a certain perception about your company even if the differences amongst competitors are negligible because perception is reality. Positioning in the marketplace is not an afterthought, but is the main goal of any marketing strategy, here […]

Know What’s in the SEO Know

The SEO industry changes continuously — nothing stays the same. Living in the digital age, expecting trends to remain the same will sabotage your digital efforts. Staying up to date can be confusing, especially when the change is constant. It’s harder when you’re not an SEO expert who mixes up terminologies. Hummingbird? Penguin? What are […]