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What is the Connection Between Social Media and Recruitment?

Social media is now an important part of the hiring process. According to The Muse, an online career resource, about 92% of companies use social media to assess a candidate’s character and credentials outside the professional world. About 65% of companies check if a candidate behaves professionally in digital platforms. Moreover, 51% check if a candidate […]

Get the Attention You Need: Where and How to Promote Your Business

No business will flourish without clients and clients will not be able to find you if you do not actively advertise. Getting a Free Start Social media is a very effective marketing tool as long as you know your target audience. Keep them engaged by posting focused and relevant content. There are many ways you […]

Effective Hacks to Boost Your Social Media Reach

Your social media campaigns are only as effective as the number of followers you have. With tough competition in social media to get customer’s time and attention, it is a challenge to acquire more fans and followers for businesses. How to you get prospective customers to follow you, so you can subsequently work on audience interaction and […]

Social Media in Utah

Brand Matters: Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Social media has taken over the lives of people. Not a day goes by when someone leaves accounts unchecked. Social media is more than just presenting your life to the online world. It is where you keep in touch with the people that matter to you. It is also a great place to meet new […]