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Essential Website Design Elements that Increase Hotel Bookings

Hotel websites are one of the most visited online. Thousands of people travel every day in different parts of the world, and they need immediate hotel accommodation. A convenient way to book a room or arrange for transportation is through good websites that provide quick and easy transactions. Such is the reason an effective web […]

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Does Google Hates Your Website? Here’s Why Your Search Rankings are Dropping

Search engine optimisation is becoming increasingly popular. And with the expected changes in 2016, website owners cannot afford to continue using outdated SEO tactics. Unlike the past where SEO was associated with how many links you had, today’s SEO is closely aligned with content value and the overall user experience. Sites that fail to keep […]

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Making Your Website Work for Your Business

In today’s world, almost all businesses —  whether they are online-based or not — need some sort of presence on the web, like a site, blog, or an online portfolio.  The web can be an effective marketing and PR tool for businesses. But, to fully harness its effects, you have to make sure you will […]