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yellow signage that states safety is job number 1

3 Practical Ways of Reducing Accidents in the Workplace

Every manager aims at keeping their employees safe. However, some of them are reluctant to take the necessary measures to ensure their safety. The apparent reason may be that some precautions may be expensive, hence affecting the company’s profit margins. That is unethical. Below are some of the things that managers should consider to ensure […]

Singapore financial district

Connectivity is Key to Better Workplace Productivity in the Future

Singapore is a vibrant city centred on trade, commerce, and business. It is one of the tech hubs in the Asian region and is home to thousands of companies across multiple industries. Setting up an office in the garden city is ideal because of its prime location and the quality of its workforce. Paya Lebar is a […]

Millennials at Work: Making Hiring Approaches Work for You

Millennials have come of age and are now one of the largest sectors of the US workforce. Baby Boomers have moved down the chain and are close to retirement age, so this new breed of young professionals will soon be left in charge of companies and industries. But as in any generation, there are some […]

Types of Safety Gloves For Different Applications

The workplace can present various hazards for the hands, including cuts, irritation from chemicals and burns. No single glove fits all applications. It is important to choose the right gloves for your task to ensure proper protection. You can get different types of hand gloves from well-known safety gloves suppliers. Your choice of gloves will depend on your […]

3 Strategies You Can Do to Promote Wellness in a Busy Workplace

Most corporate employees spend over one-third of their day in the office. They sit and work at their stations for hours, putting their body at risk of developing illnesses associated with a sedentary lifestyle. While this issue is of primary concern to the workers themselves, their employers should contribute to addressing this problem. After all, […]


Where to Get Motivation: Internal and External

Work is repetitive and everyone is waiting for the weekend. If this is the mindset in your office, your business will unlikely succeed. Your team’s motivation to do work should not be for the sake of getting things done. You will end up with mediocre outputs, as everyone is eager to just go home and […]

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